Innovation with technology.

Innovation in business practices.

Innovation has been our tradition at Crossett and it’s our future.

In 1928, William F. Crossett launched the company when he began a transport service using a  780-gallon tank attached to a Model T Ford truck chassis.

The second truck was the first of its kind: A 1760-gallon tank made with frameless aluminum construction, manufactured locally in Warren, PA. This truck was just the start of Crossett’s innovations in the tank truck industry.

The second owner, Robert W. “Bud” Holder, collaborated with Mahlon Burgett to design a double conical elliptical tank trailer. They worked with local companies, Pennco, Alleghany Valve Co. and Betts Industries, to develop this idea and a number of new concepts. 

Current ownership continues the tradition of  process improvement, technology investment, and collaboration to achieve the goal of “SERVICE SECOND TO NONE”.  Crossett is an ESOP company and employees are co-owners and co-innovators. At each location, multi-function business teams meet to identify and resolve business issues and develop opportunities for greater efficiency and growth.

Embracing new technology. Creative thinking. Teamwork. It’s how we’ve travelled safely over the decades. It’s how we’ll continue to succeed.